Bio Trap

Degrades fat storage and other organic residues in grease and oil sedimentation tanks and is used for regular maintenance of drains


Used to keep the sewer and pipes clean (cleaning pipes and ladders). The product helps to maintain the productivity of the hydrodynamic storage and ensures a permanent ecological result. Completely decomposes oils and fats, while ensuring homogenization and exchange between the three layers of the accumulator (active silt, water and oil layer). Does not spoil the pipes and has no smell.

Packing: 5 Liters


Helps to eliminate problems with greasy waste and unpleasant smells and avoid clogging of pipes


Suitable for the food industry, restaurants, food courts and other places where food is served and prepared, as well as for private houses and apartments


Oil trap:Use manually or with a micro-aeration system. Leave 600 ml per day.
Drainage: pour 120 ml into each sink, which must be cleaned, once a day and for 3 consecutive days or until the odor is eliminated. If necessary, top can be filled with water, but not more than 500 ml.
Prevention: pour 120ml into each sink, once a week. To achieve maximum performance, avoid using water for several hours.

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