Restoration of absorbent abilities of microfiber microfobs

Microorganisms that, in addition to purification, restore the absorbent capacity of fibers of material: mops, towels, rags, and other products made from microfiber, but not limited to it.


Soak in a bucket for 30 seconds:4ml / 1L water (30-40C) and allow to dry naturally
Washing machine: 4ml / 1kg of cloth (30-40C) and allow to dry naturally

X 5

The service life of tissues from microfiber increases 5 times, other tissues up to 5 times.


You can purchase a reductant and / or mop for increased use, for wet or dry cleaning, 40cm / 60cm, are designed for 1000 cycles of X5 = 5000 cycles.

Absorption capacity of mops

The new mop

Mop washed with chemistry


Mop washed with biotechnology

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