Green country

We provide an opportunity for companies and people to experience and switch to environmentally friendly detergent products and make their passive contribution to protecting the flora of the country, the ozone layer, the surrounding people and animals.

What is a green product ?

The mechanism that nature itself has benefited from for millennia. And now it is available in the form of products


These are natural cleaners that effectively purify and devour organic matter. We have the world's largest collection of cleaning microorganisms. They finish the main work in our products, but the main work is done by extracts of enzymes and partly by our specially developed green surfactants (surfactants)

Enzyme Extract

It is produced thanks to the same of our microorganisms and is added to our products for primary cleansing abilities

Bacterial surfactants

Green self-developed wet surfactant agents that decompose by 99% according to the OECD 301 test. And these wet agents also provide a lasting cleaning effect. It was 23 years of development that allowed to achieve such an ideal result and compatibility, between all components.

Molecular hunters

Technology for fighting odors, our deduced molecules hunt for molecules of odors. Their task is to capture the molecules of odors and absorb (destroy the structure), which guarantees it is the destruction of smells, rather than temporary masking, another smell (air freshener)

The mechanism of work

The products continue to remove contaminants and unpleasant odors, even after harvesting, for a week. Easier work for staff, time spent and the need for daily cleaning

A little bit more

The technological approach consists in the use of renewable and increased qualities of biomaterials to limit the use of oil products and plant resources, while demonstrating the effectiveness, accessibility and safety for health and the environment.

Active components give products a high degree of versatility and equally high performance in cold water. The products work at the pore level of the material, without any damage to the material itself and can be applied even on protective coatings (waxes, polishes, etc.)

Feature:the productivity of products rises from cleaning to cleaning, this is expressed both in the necessary time for cleaning, reducing the dosage, and in the very need for daily cleaning.

Most of the products are offered in concentrated bio form and the main thing with a neutral pH level. When used, the dosage can reach up to 1: 1000 (1ml per 1L of water). Concentrate itself is not active, but it is worth diluting with water and the product is ready for use.

The neutral hydrogen product index (pH) is from 3 to ~ 7, which corresponds approximately to simple water at a temperature of 25 ° C. And do not cause the formation of harmful volatile organic substances (BWA). Do not worry about the already applied protective coatings, and for the surfaces themselves (this narrows the range of responsibility of personnel). A level of safe emission of A + allows you to use products even in confined spaces. The use of personal protective equipment when working with products is minimized and even with prolonged use does not cause dryness, skin irritation, allergy and irritation of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract

Can be completely decomposed in less than 14 days, without harm to health and nature.

We have developed our own reference tolerance for bio / eco products, which is stricter than Elolabel

Lack of industrial poisons
No flammable substances
No organic solvents
No alcohols and their compounds
No impurities or additives
There are no phosphates (salts, ethers, etc.)
No ingredients contributing to the deterioration of the ozone layer
Do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
No carcinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic ingredients
The absence of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)

And a whole list of the absence of other dangerous ingredients, which are usually used in chemistry or in the so-called "green chemistry", which is mistaken for biological or ecological products.

For those who seek maximum efficiency and economy, in medium and large areas.

The program "Trio-Klin"

Mop recovery

100% Restore the absorbent ability of microfiber and extend its life Х5 times


Products are used in facilities with environmental certificates Green Key, LEED and others. Products can be used to obtain one of the certificates and / or if the company claims one of the titles, for example: "green office" and others.

Part of the proceeds, is transferred to the fund for wildlife (WWF)

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