Principle of product operation

The products provide you with an effective and multi-day self-cleaning, and the cleaning program "Trio Wedge" see below will help reduce your expenses

Cleaning program
"The Trio of the Wedge"

1-3 products for a permanent result on your site

An object

Depending on the object selected from 1-3 products, which will cover the entire range of cleaning surfaces

See product catalog Trio-wedge, f you do not find your industry, just contact us and we will provide information. Or you can select the necessary products yourself based on the surface to be cleaned, see the Surface Catalog

Concentration and versatility

Creates fewer problems in handling products, their accounting, transportation, disposal costs, waste, etc. And with the use of dose systems, you can get the exact concentration for the least possible money, reducing costs and losses caused by breeding "by eye"

Safety and responsibility

The concentrate itself has a safe pH, and when diluted with water it becomes extremely soft, which eliminates risks and reduces the range of personnel responsibility for any damage to the surfaces

Simplicity and ease

The degree of simplicity and ease of use, increases the productivity of the workforce and provides an optimal result with minimal risks of errors and accidents


The maximum reduction in costs for cleaning the object is achieved in 5 steps:

  1. GO TO BIO PRODUCTS - for maximum effect and economy, you need to completely switch to products, if possible.
  2. USE DOSE SYSTYEM - when you are diluting products with water, it is better to use dispensers to avoid mistakes when diluting to the eye. 
  3. FIRST RESULT- you clean the object with products until it meets the standards, using the recommended dosage.
  4. DRINKING (all subsequent cleaning) - when the result is achieved, you will not need standard cleaning as such, you will simply need to feed the microorganisms so that they do the work for you. At the same time, the required level of production can reach as little as 1ml / 1L of water.
  5. CLEANING SCHEDULE - thanks to the principles of product operation, it is possible to revise a typical cleaning schedule, while efficiency and effectiveness will not be affected.

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